Healing Services

Reiki Healing
What is Reiki Healing?
Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. It is perfect for helping to manage anxiety, relieve stress, clear creativity blockages and soothe various ailments due to imbalance in the chakras. 
Enjoy a Distance Reiki session from the comfort of your own home or other sacred space. This 30-minute session only requires that you be open to receiving universal life force energy and, if possible, a quiet place to relax. 
Reiki with Crystals
This 30-minute session is similar to a Distance Reiki session but with the addition of crystals.  Crystals help to direct and amplify Reiki energy, assisting the body in clearing negative energy, removing energetic blockages, and restoring balance to its energy systems.  This amplified healing process can help to promote emotional, physical, and mental well-being.
30 Minutes $50
60 Minutes $100
30 Minutes $70 with crystals 
60 Minutes $120 with crystals
Inner Work 
Inner work is the psychological practice of identifying and dissolving the contractions, and blockages that obscure your Inner Light for the purposes of self-awareness, healing, transformation, and expansion.
Have you been feeling stuck? Wanting to do something different but don't know where to start? Ready to heal to create the highest quality of life ? 
Are you seeking? 
Stress Reduction and Healthy Coping Skills.
Spiritual Connection.
Relapse Prevention.
Better Overall Health. 
Increased Self Esteem and Identity.
Healing traumatic events 
Becoming a better vision of your self. 
Schedule a 60 minute Session with a Holistic Health Practitioner and start your journey to heal your Body,  Mind, Spirit.  Get the tools, resources and healing you need to Be your Highest Self and Create the highest quality of life. 
$111 for 60 minutes 
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras. When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing.
60 minute Session $100 

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