Collection: Inner Work In Person (Shadow work)

Inner work is the psychological practice of identifying and dissolving the contractions, and blockages that obscure your Inner Light for the purposes of self-awareness, healing, transformation, and expansion.
You seek a stronger connection with spirituality. Or rather: you want to rediscover the spiritual connection within yourself. I offer guidance in your transformation process to live lighter, more freely and with more trust. We do this by letting go of everything that energetically pulls you down. In this way, you reconnect with the flow and ease of life. Let's stop merely surviving. You came here to truly live, right?
Have you been feeling stuck?
Wanting to do something different but don't know where to start? Ready to heal to create the highest quality of life ?
Stress Reduction and Healthy Coping Skills.
Spiritual Connection.
Relapse Prevention.
Better Overall Health. 
Increased Self Esteem and Identity.
Healing traumatic events 
Becoming a better vision of your self. 
Schedule a 60 minute Session with a Holistic Health Practitioner and start your journey to heal your Body,  Mind, Spirit.  Get the tools, resources and healing you need to Be your Highest Self and Create the highest quality of life. 
You can book it here to meet online or Call  to Schedule a in person session (559)724-7537