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House Blessing/Cleansing ( in person )

House Blessing/Cleansing ( in person )

House blessing ceremonies have taken place for as long as humans have needed a place to rest our heads. Whether it be a cave or a castle, every culture and every faith has used some form of blessing ritual to honor a new home or to cleansing your living space from negative energy or unwanted spirits.

In the simplest terms, a house blessing / House Cleansing ceremony is a spiritual ritual used to cleanse, clean, and purify a personal space of negative energy or lingering spirits; and to create a welcoming, protective, positive energy for its new residents. They are performed by a specially qualified practitioner.

House blessing ceremonies can also be joyful parties. When included as part of a housewarming event, blessings often gather together friends, family, neighbors, and even whole communities. These celebrations celebrate a new home, or the start of a new life chapter, such as when a couple moves in together – or following a couple’s marriage ceremony. 

There are many other instances when an individual or family might seek out someone to perform a house blessing. When there was a death in a home or on the surrounding land, for example, new the surviving family, or new inhabitants may bless the space to usher out those spirits that are struggling to move on, or to create space for both spirit and human to live harmoniously. 

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